84 October Hill Road, also known as Seven October Hill Road, is an 115,000 square foot office and R&D building located within the New Englander Industrial Park, which is just off of Route 126 and five miles to the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90).

The building was purchased in 1996 from a lender who foreclosed on the property. At the time of purchase, the property was only 25% leased and required structural repairs. We saw the opportunity to make the repairs, and divide the space into a multi-tenant layout.  After revitalizing the property, we were able to lease up the building in under a year, attracting a multitude of good credit tenants as a result of very attractive rents due to the low basis purchase.   The property maintains high occupancy ratings with an impressive tenant roster including top R&D firms, publicly traded companies, and serves as a headquarters location for the majority of the tenants.